Okuapemman School was established on 8th February, 1957 by the illustrious scholar and educationist, Barrister Maxwell Kwaku Opoku Acheampong.  Knowing that education is the key to personal and national development and seeing that there was no Secondary School in the Akuapem State, he decided to establish a first class school.  The school started with 182 students, 159 boys and 23 girls.

Barrister Kwaku Opoku Acheampong was the first Headmaster of the school for the first year that is from 8th February to 11th December, 1957.  He later appointed Mr. Peter Canham, a British National who had retired from the Gold Coast Civil Service as Acting Headmaster in January 1958.

At its inception, the number of Teachers in the school was six (6).  Mr. Canham was able to recruit some sixth formers from Britain who were on National Service to come and teach in the school for two years.

This raised the number of teachers from six (6) to ten (10)

Having poured out his hearts and substance into the creation of Okuapemman School, the beacon of the Akuapem State, the good Lord called him to eternity in 1958 at the tender age of 44.

Following his death on 1st December 1958, Mr. Peter Canham left the school 31st December, 1958.

At the beginning of 1959, the C.P.P. Government, the First President, the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah announced through the then Minister of Education, the late Mr. Kojo Botsio, a takeover of all assets and liabilities of Okuapemman School by the Ghana Education Trust (GET) so that the great sacrifice of the Founder, Barrister Kwaku Opoku Acheampong would not be in vain.

The Government of Ghana took over the assets and liabilities of the school in 1959 and absorbed it into the public system.  The Government then added some new structures – Ghana Education Trust Fund buildings such as the Administration Block, Headmaster’s bungalow, 6-unit staff flat, 4-unit Science Block, 16-unit classroom block, 2 storey Girls’ Dormitory, three detached Masters’ Bungalows a Dining Hall and a modern kitchen.

The school has since seen major infrastructural development such as the provision of 8-unit staff flat (Novotel flat) an extension of the Dining Hall, number three 4-units two (2) bedroom staff accommodation capable of accommodating 12 teachers and a number of detached masters bungalow.  The Adehye 4 bedroom staff bungalow project is ongoing and near completion.