Vision, Mission & Motto

The school envisages to train its students to develop self-discipline.

The school envisages to empower its students to achieve academic excellence and moral uprightness.

The school envisages to empower students to create wealth with the knowledge acquired.

The school seeks to provide direction for quality education to our students with skill acquisition.

The school hopes to instill in students the moral values of honesty, devotion, and commitment to duty and respect for one another with the aim of making them disciplined, obedient, fruitful, humble and hardworking.

The school’s motto: Semper Primus (Latin)which translates into English “Always First” came about because the pioneer students of Okuapemman School were the first in the Gold Coast (note the school formally opened in February 1957 and Ghana’s independence was 6th March 1957) to sleep on spring metal beds with vono mattresses.

Also the cups, plates and water dispensers used in the Dining Hall were all customized made with the name of the school and the logo embossed on them.  Okuapemman School was also the first to receive Peace Corps Teachers.