School Crest and Colors

The school crest comprises of a Stool, Palm Tree, an Elephant and Cocoa.  In the middle stand the stool, palm tree and elephant in a vertically arranged order and surrounded by cocoa.  The three objects in the middle of the crest are the symbols of the Akuapem Traditional Council.


Symbolism of the object:  

Stool – This stands for the soul of the society.  (Akuapem Traditional Council)

Palm Tree – Deep rooted tree which is hard to fall no matter how strong the wind is. Thus, a strong tree to lean on.

Elephant – Strong and reliable animal.

Proverb says “When one follows the path of an elephant, one does not get wet from the bush” This tells the strength of the mind of the people of Akuapem.

Cocoa – Signifies prosperity.  It was first cultivated in Akuapem.

The school crest has two colours:  Brown and White.


Symbolism of the colours:  

Brown – Signifies mother earth that literally gives its bounty.  It is the object of the school that it products will serve as model for the society.

White – Symbolizes purity.  Thus the school aims at producing Honest, Kind, Diligent and Morally upright scholars.