Okuapemman School @ 60.

In February 2017,  our Alma Mater will be 60 years old. The Pioneer Year Group, the Ebullient Class of 87,  has undertaken to organise and plan the activities marking the anniversary, which will also mark 30 years since we left school.

As part of the Anniversary celebrations we're organising a Health Walk on the 16th April 2016 at 5am.

The walk will start from Poki House, Airport Residential Area (Dr Amilcar Cabral Road) to Airport Opeibea 37 Military Hospital...turn right onto Olusegun Obasanjo Gold House and back to Poki House for refreshments.

In attendance will be a brass band,  an ambulance with a medical team, and the Ghana Police Service providing security escort.

The full program for the anniversary will be put out during the refreshments.

For uniformity, we are all expected to be in school branded polo shirts. Year Groups are to contact Big Sister Eunice Panzetti (0242 031218...0261 383 762) for their polo shirts and caps to be worn on the day. Polos are GHS 50.00 and caps are GHS 20.00

Branded wrist bands will be available at the venue for a minimum of GHS 10.00 as part of the fundraising efforts. Branded face towels will be given in addition to the wrist band for those who pay GHS 20.00 or more

Please contact the undersigned for any clarifications if need be.

Thank you.